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Machine specifications:
- European built machine; 
- Ø1.500mm turning table, chain driven; 
- Loading capacity 1.350kg; 
- Rotation speed controlled by frequency inverter; 
- Patented exact position stop;
- 12x Automatic programs, parameters can be adjusted;
- Double wrapping and Single wrapping possebilities;
- Pallet foot program;
- Start Wrapping height program;
- Top-Sheet water prove program;

Power supply:
- 230 Volt, 50/60Hz, 1kW, 10A; 
- Working conditions + 5 up to + 45 0C.

Film carriage:
- Patented mechnical brake system; 
- Core Ø76mm, film thickness from 9 to 35my; 
- Photocelll for pallet height detection;
- Max pallet height 2.100mm; 
- Speed controlled by frequency inverter; 
- Film overlap can be regulated.
- Speed carriage up and down can be regulated independently

Machine options:
- Loading ramp; 
- Extended loading ramp;
- Photoelectric cell for dark loads; 
- Pit-option for floor installation; 
- Ø1.650mm turning table, chain driven;
- Ø1.650mm turning table, load capacity 2.000kg, chain driven;
- Ø1.500mm HORSE HOE RIGHT side, loading capacity 1.250kg; 
- Ø1.500mm HORSE HOE LEFT side, loading capacity 1.250kg; 
- TOP Press unit motorized;
- Mast for pallets 2.500mm.

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