FR27x Model info


FROMM FR270 Series Robot Stretch Wrapping Machines

Semi-automatic Robot Stretch Wrapping Machines, with multiple wrapping programs and various pre-stretch systems.

The FROMM robot is a mobile, semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. It is particularly suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large pallets or for situations where stretch wrapping takes place in various locations. With the battery fully charged, it can wrap up to 220 Euro pallets.

FR270 with Pre-stretch fixed gear ratio (150%)
The film is pre-stretched between 2 rolls with gear wheels, with a fixed stretch ratio of 150%. 200% gear wheels can be supplied as an option.

A brief list of the benefits
• options: pallet height 2.500 and 2.800 mm
• machine functions adjustable on the easy to operate control panel, with
security blocking code feature

Standard technical specifications
Maximum pallet height 2.000 mm
Rechargeable traction battery 24V – 110A/h
Automatic high-frequency battery charger
Charging power supply 230V – 50/60 Hz
7 automatic programs