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TDS – Error E7 Belt tension

TDS – Exchange carriage from C2 to C1 and vice versa

Inverter & Parameters

Replacement old cutting device FS1.0372 with new FS1.0420

Replacement Relay board on Cutting device FS1.0420

Replacement PLC FS1.2644 with Mainboard FS1.3078

TI-FS360-To change the wheels of the group carriage mast

TI-FS360-Solutions to solve Error E7

TI-FS360-To replace FS1.2416 Rubber Roller in the Carriage C3 pre-stretch

TI-FS360-Voltage of the analogue sensor with dancer roller

TDS-Changing the reduction gear of the mast in FS360 machine

TDS-FS1.2640 Proximity turntable FS360_to solve NOT correct Top&Bottom wraps_reset position

TI-FS360-Procedure to change the parameter FTD in the Inverter Pre-stretch FS1.2638

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