FS4xx “HS” Model info

FROMM FS4xx Series Economic Stretch Wrapping Machines with HORSE SHOE Turntabel

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines with 30 wrapping programs, equipped with a 2-Motor Power Pre-Stretch system.

2-Motor Power Pre-Stretch unit
The motorised 2-Motor Power Pre-Stretch unit is easy to operate from the touch button control panel, realising a pre-stretch between 10% and 400%. High pre-stretch reduces film consumption, enabling you to achieve the best results at the lowest possible costs with optimal pallet stabilization and product protection.

Even in case of extremely sharp pallet corners, the machine can be set up in such a way that also with an average quality of film it will not tear or brake. Thus ensuring optimum reliability in combination with economic benefits.

A brief list of the benefits
• pallet height 2.050 or 2.600 mm
• space saving open turntable
• 4x commercial inverters
• low bottom wrapping at turntable level
• ultra-fast film change
• integrated easy to operate touch button control panel with security code lock
and text display

Technical specifications 
Turntable 1.650 mm
Maximum pallet format 1.100 x 1.200 mm
Maximum pallet weight 1.250 kg
Maximum pallet height 3.400 mm
Power supply 230V – 50/60 Hz


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Machine layout & dimensions