16.8218 Ø1.800mm Product Information

FROMM Loading ramps for FS machines

Art. Nr: 
16.8218 Ø1800mm FS2xx / FS4xx

Measurements (l x w x h):
Length 1826mm
Width 1200mm
Height 74mm

For machines with turntable:
Diameter Ø1800mm

Solid construction in 5mm steel. With 4 lengthwise positioned profiles
and 3 profiles in the width. (Pict.1) Guaranteed long life time, quality according FROMM design.

At the left and right side of the ramp we installed two brackets, in order to stabilize the ramp in a horizontal way. (Pict.2)

At the front side you can connect the ramp to the machine. (Pic.3)
Thru the hand grips, at the left and right side of the ramp you will find two additional bolts with which you can align the ramp in a perfect way in front of the machine. (Pict.2)

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