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FROMM Subsidiaries

Group structure

Over 30 subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Asia testify the success and the growth of the FROMM Group. Our corporate policy is focusing on the proximity to customers, quality consciousness, continuity, independence and environmental awareness.

Sales and service centres


FROMM Packaging Gmbh, Germany (Web)
FROMM Packaging Systems, Belgique (Web)
FROMM obalové systémy CZ s.r.o., Czech Republic (Web)
FROMM Pakkaus Oy, Finland (Web)
FROMM France S.a.r.l., France (Web)
FROMM Hungary Kft., Hungary (Web)
FROMM Imballaggio S.r.l., Italy (Web)
FROMM Sud S.r.l., Italy (Web)
Italstrap S.r.l., Italy
FROMM Nederland B.V., Netherlands (Web)
FROMM Norge AS, Norway
FROMM Poland Sp.z o.o., Poland (Web)
FROMM Embalagem LDA, Portugal (Web)
FROMM Pakovanje DOO, Serbia
FROMM obalové systémy SK s.r.o., Slovakia (Web)
FROMM Embalajes S.A., Spain (Web)
FROMM Sverige AB, Sweden (Web)
FROMM AG, Switzerland (Web)
FROMM Packaging Ltd., UK (Web)

North America

FROMM Packaging Systems Inc., USA (Web)

South America

Brasilpack Systemas de Embalagens Ltda., Brasil (Web)


FROMM (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd, China (Web)
FROMM Packaging Systems India Pvt. Ltd., India
FROMM Asia Ltd. Taiwan Branch, Taiwan (Web)


FROMM Systems Africa Ltd., South Africa (Web)


AWS Pty Ltd., Australia ()