Strap Feeder Model EFP506 for Plastic Strapping

Stretch Wrapping Machine FS390

  • with automatic feeding unit, electrically powered.
  • with pallet void feeding device.
  • automatically travelling in lengthwise direction.
  • with truck.

Automatic Strap Feeding Unit Model E201

  • Supporting structure
  • Strap track
  • Pallet void feeding guide device (sword)
  • Powered travelling device for lengthwise direction
  • Dispenser Model KB2
  • Suspension device with a running wagon

Controls EFP506

  •  Switch cabinet and operating display panel.
    The switch cabinet contains series clamping, transformer, power supply, relays.

Stretch-Wrapping Machine FS390

Technical Details (Stretch-Wrapping Machine FS390)

  • Turntable diameter – 1.500mm / 1.650mm / 1.800mm / 2.200mm
  • Height mast – 2250mm / 2500mm / 2800mm / 3050mm
  • Transport by means of 2 holes for forklift truck at the back and front side

Consumables (Strapping for EFP506)

  • Strap width To be defined at order
  • Thickness To be defined at order
  • Core diameter inside 406mm /15.8”
  • Coil diameter outside 610mm / 2ft
  • Coil width 150mm / 5.85”

Consumables (Stretchfilm for FS390)

  • Film width 500mm
  • Film thickness 23 – 35 µm
  • Maximum film roll diameter 300mm
  • Core diameter inside 76mm (3”)

Product Photos

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