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Economic Wrapper. The money saver, from 30-40 pallets per day!


"EasyWrap", Manual Pallet Wrapper

FS335 - FS380A

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Rotating Arm Wrappers

Robot FR3xx & FR400

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Orbital machine

Semiautomatic machines FV300

Orbital machine

Automatic machines FV350

The FROMM Group has, next to sales organisations in a great number of countries of the world, own research and development centers and production facilities in Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Chile and Thailand. The culture of the organisation is open and informal. Innovation, technical well-thought out and high qualitative products, delivery from stock and distinguished service, are our spear points. With which the organisation has obtained a strong market position. Not for nothing is that our FROMM strapping tools are even sold or copied by our competitors.

Innovation Recent developments of innovating thinking and acting are, the still not equalled, AirpadTM aircushion system, the FROMM Stretch Wrapping machines and the ultra modern plastic production factory (polyester strapping and Airpad films) in German Kölleda. On this website you will find the complete program of the Stretch Wrapping machines. We have put the most important products on the site but do you need any further information, please contact your representative in your country. 

Guaranty, Service and Parts FROMM products characterized themselves by ingenious design, user friendly and durability. Because of these points FROMM has obtained, and not for nothing, a clear position within the always rightfully critical world of packaging. That these are not empty promises is proved by the still growing circle of satisfied users in the world. The Swiss precision developed and manufactured durability is again underlined with a guaranty period of 12 months on all labelled FROMM produced tools and machines. This is unique for these kinds of equipments. The FROMM Service system makes it possible for users to keep on working in case of disorder almost uninterrupted.   Email: info@fromm-holding.com