FS335 – FS380A Model Info

Standard equipment and functionalities:

  • base frame 75mm and Turntable Ø1650mm (max load 2000Kg/pallet size 1000x1200mm);
  • mast for max wrapping height of 2500mm;
  • operating panels 6+1 programs with emergency stop and reset buttons (CE);
  • film carriage with Electromagnetic brake;
  • soft stat / soft stop by frequency controller;
  • acustic signal at start of each wrapping cycle;
  • wrapping speeds controlled by frequency contr.;
  • film carriage fitted with fall and food safety protection;
  • package detection by photocell or altimeter for manual (pre-set) max. heigh setting.

Control Panel

OP1 Control panel with 6 +1 free programmable programs;

OP2 Control panel with 99 +1 free programmable programs;

Standard Program

Cycle Up&Down; Single cycle Up or Down only; Cycle with Pre-set position of carriage at start and stop;

Cycle at pre-set height using altimeter, without photocell; Reinforcamente cycle with programmable num. wraps;

Stepping cyucle, moving the carriage in steps up and down; Manual wrapping, operated from the OP.

Operating Panel Functions

Turntable rotation speed setting 5-12rpm; Film carriage speed, independently Up&Down;

Top&Bottom wraps 1-10, independently; Photocell setting/sensing; Setting lock;

All other general functions and parameters.


Turntable Ø1500mm – Ø1650mm – Ø1800mm – Ø2400mm – Horse shoe Ø1650mm – Horse shoe Ø1800mm;

Base plate (Ø1650mm) for Low profile (25mm), max load 1.000 x 1.200 mm

Maximum pallet format

800 x 1.200mm for Ø 1.500mm;

1.100 x 1.200mm for Ø 1.650mm;

1.250 x 1.250mm for Ø 1.800mm;

1.550 x 1.550mm for Ø 2.200mm;

1.675 x 1.675mm for Ø 2.400mm;

Masts and their respective Max.wrapping height

Mast for wrapping height < 2.500mm;

Mast for wrapping height < 2.700mm;

Mast for wrapping height < 3.000mm;

Mast for wrapping height < 3.300mm;

Mast for wrapping height < 3.700mm;

Film carriages

CA4 Carriage with Electromagnetic roll brake;

CA6 Carriage with one-motor pre-stretch and fixed gears (interchangeable) 150% – 200% – 250%. Film tension adjustable from control panel;

CA7 Carriage with two-motors pre-stretch (electronically adjustable pre-strech ratio from 120% to 350%);


Ramps and Pit-options for all the bases;

Automatic film cutting device (for CA4 or CA6 or CA7 carriage only); Automatic slicing system;

Manual and automatic roping system:

Kit for Coreless machine type rolls and for film rolls with inside core Ø50mm;

Kit for wrapping doors, panels or windows;

Film Carriage for Net-wrapping (for CA4 carriage only);

Guide for wrapping supermarket trolleys;

Idle conveyor on turntable with automatic rollers braking device;

Top-press (round or square); Scale unit; Printer; Remote control; Stretch film weight consuption check (for CA6 or CA7 carriage only);

Film welding unit (automation);


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Machine Layout

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