Our state of the art packaging series FS395 Econimic stretch !

The FS395 series includes 2-motor powered carriage, pre-stretch up to 400%, fro ease to operatation.

The extremely flexible wrapping programs and ultra fast film roll changing system at working height have all been characteristic of the FROMM FS395 and its predecessor for mor than 20 years.

FROMM’s durable design, high quality and low maintenance have kept the FROMM machines amongst the best in the world in film wrapping.


The FS395 offer a new, modern touchscreen Operation Panel (OP).

Turntable Ø1650mm

Mast Height 2500mm

Carriage: 2-motor Power Pre-stretch 400%

Cutting Device (optional)

Roping System (optional)


New feature: Turntable gearboxes with torque limiter

Torque limiter helps to protect the gearbox from damaging effects caused by forced pallet movements on turntable