FS360 Model Info

Control Panel

Top and bottom wraps from 0 to 5;

Double cycle (upward/downward); Single cycle (only upward); Manual mode;

Turntable speed from 6 to 12 rpm; Carriage speed from 2 to 4 meters/minute;

Film tension adjustable (only available with One motor pre-stretch).


Turntable Ø1500mm – Ø1650mm – Ø1800mm – Ø2200mm – Horse shoe Ø1500mm – Horse shoe Ø1650mm;

Soft start and soft stop in zero position;

New feature: Turntable gearboxes with torque limiter;

Torque limiter helps to protect the gearbox from damaging effects caused by forced pallet movements on turntable.

Maximum pallet format

800 x 1.200mm for Ø 1.500mm;

1.100 x 1.200mm for Ø 1.650mm;

1.250 x 1.250mm for Ø 1.800mm;

1.500 x 1.500mm for Ø 2.200mm.

Maximum pallet weight

1.500kg (turntable Ø1500mm);

2.000kg (turntable Ø1650mm-Ø 1.800mm-Ø 2.200mm);

1.250kg (horse shoe Ø1500mm-Ø1650mm).

Maximum pallet height


Film carriages

C1 Carriage with manual roll core brake to adjust film tension;

C2 Carriage with manually adjustable single roll brake, to adjust film tension as required;

C3 Carriage with one-motor pre-stretch and fixed gears – 150% or 200%. Film tension adjustable from control panel;

Film roll dimensions: Core d.76 mm, Roll max. outside d.250 mm. Width 500mm; Film thicknesses: up to max. 35 μ;

Photocell for pallet height detection;

Frequency inverter controlled speed.

Power supply

1 phase 230 V – 50/60 Hz.

Technical features

Possible setting in lowest position of film carriage to wrap at turntable level;

Belt driven carriage with safety system to prevent accidental falling;

Safety foot protection;

Audio signal at start of wrap cycle;

Machine easy to move using a forklift truck;

European quality and safety standards, including CE.

Machine options

Integrated weighing system;

Printer for integrated weighing system;

Access ramps;

Access ramps for electric pallet truck;

Frame for submerged floor mounting;

Interchangeable photocell to detect black film and black product;

Cutting device;

Top press.


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Machine Layout





Layout HORSESHOE FS360_Rev01

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