FS335/FS340/FS350/FS370/FS380/385  Stretch wrapping machines:

These series, modular composed, wrapping machines, offer our customers a wide choice of otions and configurations. With this, almost all types and sizes of pallets, roll containers, panels, etc. can be stably and efficiently wrapped, with the most suitable type and thickness of film. Even at almost turntable height. Resulting in the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership and pallet safety.


FS380A Semi Automated Solutions:

For work situations between semi-automatic or fully automatic working, the Automated A-model of the FS380 serie offer multiple solutions. Based on the basic model mentioned, a few Smart Solutions have been added to this A-model. This allows it to work almost independently, in a semi-automatic environment. For example, it is equipped with an automatic film installation and cutting unit as standard and can be operated remotely. For example from the fork lift truck, after placing a pallet. The film is then automatically laid, the pallet wrapping according to a pre-selected program and automatically cut at the end of the cycle and wiped against the pallet. There, the film will then stick to the pallet, due to its cling (adhesive force). If a tighter finish is required, the film welding option can be placed. This, not only creates a perfectly stable wrapped pallet, but also a very neat finish. The pallet can be safely transported without loose ends. In addition, operators and forklift drivers can work quickly and easily. All at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Build your own wrapping machine of your choice:

  • 3 film carriages with up to 350% pre-stretch;
  • 2 different operating panels, with 6 – 99 programs;
  • 5 different mast lengths, to wrap pallet heights between 0.5 and 3.8 mtr;
  • A variety ot turntables and add-on’s that enable you to wrap all kinds of pallets, dolly’s & trolly’s, panels and more;
  • 6 standard ramps for all kinds of circumstances;
  • A choice of floor frames, that enable you to lower the machine into the floor, thus ramps become superfluous;
  • Cold store and stainless steel versions;
  • Film cutting, automatic and manual roping, 3-lane film cutting for banderole-wrapping;
  • Scale units, printers, photocells, film roll adapters for coreless and add sizes, remote control and multiple other options.