FS360 Economical alternative to hand wrapping:

FS360 STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE is the simple entry level stretch wrapper for the user who needs to wrap pallets quickly, strongly and at a competitive price.


Two different operating panels: OP1 and OP2.

We offer various diameters turntable: Ø1500mm – Ø1650mm – Ø1800mm – Ø2200mm – Horse shoe Ø1500mm – Horse shoe Ø1650mm.

Pallet Various heights from h.2100mm – h.2500mm – h.3000mm.

Mechanical Carriages and our system of pre-stretch ONE MOTOR 150% or 200%.

New feature: Turntable gearboxes with torque limiter. Torque limiter helps to protect the gearbox from damaging effects caused by forced pallet movements on turntable.


A brief list of the benefit

Easy to operate;

Soft start and soft stop in zero position;

Possible setting in lowest position of film carriage to wrap at turntable level;

Belt driven carriage with safety system to prevent accidental falling and safety foot protection;

Audio signal at start of wrap cycle;

The design fully complies with all current European quality and safetystandards, including CE.