FS500 Light

FS500 Light Arm wrapping machines:

The FS500 Light is the light version of the FS500 series Arm wrappers  of FROMM. A standard machine with limited options, at a very competetive price.

The machine can be run in manual mode and is in suitable for both light and irregular pallets of various kinds.

The FS500 Light offers a choice of two film carriages. The CA2, with mechanical film roll brake is fitted as standard. The CA4, with electromagnetic brake, offers more control to the film tension on the package.

Like all other FROMM wrapping machines, it is prepared to work with various options and can be adapted to a new set-up / operation any time.

The robust FS500 Light is a reliable partner for every user, wrapping low quantities and various pallets while requiring minimal maintenance.

FROMM’s FS500 Light focusses on efficient and safely, wrapped stable pallets for transporting loads, at the lowest possible TCO. IP54


Some facts you should know about

  • Low maintenance requirements;
  • Compact  construction with an extremely small footprint;
  • Easy installation and operation;
  • Perfect machine to wrap with pre-stretched or thinner stretch film at a very competitive price;
  • Manual or semi-automatic operation (1 program);
  • Max. pallet dimension 1.200 x 1.200mm;
  • Wrapping height <2.200mm;
  • Wrapping speed 5-10 rpm with frequency contoller;
  • Adjustable service height of film carriage, for easy film change;
  • Choice of 2 Film Carriages – Mechanical brake (std.) or with Electromagnetic brake (option);
  • For greater stability, pallets can be included in the wrapping cycle, making a solid connection between load and pallet;
  • Always a good pallet position with the help of floor mounted guides;
  • Soft Safety bumper on the mast, for that extra protection you cna expect of FROMM.



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