FS500 – FS500A Model Info

Standard equipment and functionalities:

  • max. load/product dimensions 1.100 x 1.300mm / Ø1.700mm;
  • wrapping height 0 – 2.500mm (including pallet);
  • designed and built in accordance with CE directives and equipeed with separate emergency stop and reset buttons.
  • OP2 type control panel, with 99 free programmable programs;
  • type CA4 film carriage with Electromagnetic film brake;
  • rotating arm with frequency controller, soft start and stop; rotating arm speed 5-12 rpm;
  • safety bumper belt in front of the film carriage, for protection against collisions;
  • film carriage, vertical movement by frequency controller; Up and down independently adjustable 1.3 up to 5 m/min;
  • package detection by means of a photocell, fitted on the film carriage;
  • acoustic signal at the start of each wrapping cycle.

Control Panel

OP2 Control panel with 1 free programmable programs.

Standard Program

99 free programmable wrapping program; Double cycle up and down; Single cycle up or down only; Full manual wraping cycle; Top sheet allocation cycle; Reinforcement wrapping cycle at predefined heights with various wraps; Stepped wrapping cycle up; Cycle with “Altimeter” (photocell switched off); Cycle with start and stop at pre-programmed height; Top wraps 1 -10; Bottom Wraps 1-10; Settable photocell sensing delay.

Maximum pallet format

1.100 x 1.300mm with Ø of 1.690mm Max. wrapping speed 10 rpm;

1.200 x 1.200mm with Ø of 1.710mm Max. wrapping speed 10 rpm;

1.400 x 1.400mm with Ø of 1.980mm Max. wrapping speed 10 rpm;

1.500 x 1.500mm with Ø of 2.120mm Max. wrapping speed 9 rpm;

1.600 x 1.600mm with Ø of 2.2600mm Max. wrapping speed 8 rpm;

1.700 x 1.700mm with Ø of 2.400mm Max. wrapping speed 8 rpm;

Masts and their respective Max.wrapping height

Mast for wrapping height < 2.500mm;

Mast for wrapping height < 3.000mm;

Film carriages

CA2 Carriage with Mechanical brake on tension roll;

CA4 Carriage with Electromagnetic roll brake;

CA6 Carriage with one-motor pre-stretch and fixed gears (interchangeable) 150% – 200% – 250%. Film tension adjustable from control panel;

CA7 Carriage with two-motors pre-stretch (electronically adjustable pre-strech ratio from 120% to 350%);


Automatic film cutting device (for CA4 or CA6 or CA7 carriage only); Automatic slicing system;

Manual and automatic roping system:

Kit for Coreless machine type rolls and for film rolls with inside core Ø50mm;

Film Carriage for Net-wrapping (for CA4 carriage only);

Guide for wrapping supermarket trolleys;

Idle conveyor on turntable with automatic rollers braking device;

Top-press (round or square); Scale unit; Printer; Remote control; Stretch film weight consuption check (for CA6 or CA7 carriage only);

Film welding unit (automation);



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