FM50 “EasyWrap”

FM50 Manual Pallet Wrapper:

The cheap and labour-friendly alternative to film wrapping by hand

With the FM50 EasyWrap hand wrapping of small series of pallets becomes a pleasant and workfriendly activity.

It is no longer necessary to crawl or walk around a pallet with the film roll in your hand.

This protects the arms and back of your employees.


Tightly wrapped palltes

The FM50 EasyWrap results in regular and tightly wrapped pallets, with a minimum film usage.

You can wrap a range of types, sizes and weights of pallets in an instant.


Easy operation

With no electrical components or motor drive.

The light design and the simple operation enables everyone to work with it perfectly.


Wrap and save money with thin or pre-stretched films

The FM50 EasyWrap is equipped with an adjustable film brake with which, thin or even pre-stretched films can be processed.

The film carriage is moved up and down via a mechanical transfer, as required. Due to the open construction, roll changes can be carried out quickly and with ease.


In short, the EasyWrap offers many interesting benefits for a particularly attractive price.