FS35x Model info Product Information

FROMM FS35x Budget Stretch Wrapping Machines

12x Automatic programs, parameters can be adjusted;

Double wrapping and Single wrapping possebilities;

Pallet foot program;

Start Wrapping height program;

Top-Sheet water prove program

Of you would like to change, TOP wraps / BOTTOM wraps, various speeds and select and setup, your own personalised programm, than we can advice you our FS35x series with operating panel two.

Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines with multiple wrapping programs and multiple unique FROMM Patents.

FROMM stretch wrappers are extremely user-friendly and can be used in every situation. The FS35x, in particular, is highly suited to use by smaller-scale film users. Extra emphasis was placed during the design stage on safety and reliability. All the machines are designed to cope with a high workload. The use of carefully selected components keeps maintenance to a minimum.

A brief list of the benefits
• model occupies limited ammount of  space;
• parameters such as bottom/topwraps/speeds can be changed by
• parameters can be blocked by supervisor;
• for everybody easy to operate. Start and the machine makes the job;
• various pallet heights available 2.200 / 2.500 /2.800 / and 3.200mm;
• various diameter turntables available 1.500 / 1.650 / 1.800 and 2.200mm;
• Horse shoe space saving open turntable Ø1.650mm;
• various carriages / tension systems available;
(Also magnetical brake system);
• two inverters for carriage and turntable movement;
• moving the machine in an very easy way;

Standard technical specifications
Operating panel TWO – AWP with various automatic programs.
Pack dimensions

L W H Max Kg.
Ø 1.500mm 900 1.200 2200/2500/2800/3200 1.350
Ø 1.650mm 1.100 1.200 2200/2500/28003200 2.000
Ø 1.800mm 1.250 1.200 2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø 2.200mm 2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø1.650mm HS 1.100 1.200 2200/2500/2800/3200 1.250

Additional available options 

– Loading ramps;
– Extended loading ramps;
– Photoelectric cell for dark loads;
– Pit-options for floor installation;
– TOP Press unit motorized;

230V – 50/60 Hz
FS350 / FS351 / FS352 / FS353 with various automatic programs

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